pexels-photo-255483A wine festival is an event at which a variety of wines are available for purchase. There may be a theme, for instance wines from a particular region, or a particular brewing style. It need not necessarily be a drinking event but fun fairs and folk festivals.

Although wine shall be the main attraction over the food, this will add to the cluster as it features the vineyards and wine producers of that region. Also, the complementary savoury and sweet delights to compliment the varying wines on offer by the local food providers will add a feather in the cap for the event. Hosting Auctions and donating some of its profits will add value to the local charities.

Hundreds of casks of ale from different brewers will be placed on tables. Staff will serve wine from the cask and take payment in the form of cash. Depending on the volume, cooling can be achieved by wet blankets or sacks or though refrigerated cooling saddles or dry ice. Glasses will be distributed at the entrance of the venue for a small deposit and can be added to the entrance fee as well. Catalogue bearing the list of variety offerings along with the venue of the cask location will help organize the event better.

Live music added with wine and food is an excellent way to create a festival atmosphere and encourage people to extend their stay.