Charleston food festival

The culinary and beverage experience that the food and wine festival bring more craving and tantalizing feeling to the taste buds in the tongue. The festival is looked forward to with more vigour and hunger as it brings the producers and consumers together under one roof. It is all about enjoying food and celebrating the various cuisines.


Care must be ensured in the outdoor food festivals that produce similar waste products, e.g. glass bottles, drink cans, plastic and paper/cardboard. Most of this bio degradable materials can be collected for recycling and reprocessed into useful objects. Recycling is good for the environment, as it saves valuable resources and energy. By offering recycling at the event, the festival presents a positive green environmental message to visitors.

Food Festival

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of human beings. Food provides the basic nutrients for the body. It could be of plant or animal origin and provides the carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, fibre, vitamins that are essential for survival. Food that is consumed is assimilated by the body parts to provide the necessary energy, growth and life sustenance.

Plant food is either directly obtained or derived from plants. Cereal, Maize, Millets, Wheat are whole grains that are produced worldwide to feed stock. Various parts of the plant can be used as a food source. Seeds that contain the essential nutrients for plant’s normal growth has lot of health supplementary nutrient like omega fats, iron, fibre etc. In addition to directly being consumed, plant seed food like mustard, castor, sunflower flax seed, sesame are used for oil extraction. Ground nut, Cashew nut, Walnut, Chestnut is rich in proteins and is good for heart and general body functions. Vegetables and fruits are other variants of plant matter that can be consumed. The consumption of coloured vegetables is recommended by doctors and recent medical experts advise humans to having a minimum of 3 coloured vegetables in a day. Vegetables contain various minerals that give immunity and strength to the body. Fruits are consumed by all living beings. The evolution of plant, animal and human life in the ecosystem has evolved considerably that the three units compliment and benefit each other in the food pyramid excellently. Fruits will be part of the diet in almost all cultures. It is either given as a give-away gift, dessert item in a feast, welcome gift to all age groups. It is given to a normal healthy or ailing individual to feel better. Fruit juices are the preferred drink given to break the fast for individuals. The health benefits of fruits like vegetables are immense and are recommended by Food on-demand medical professionals and doctors to have one fruit a day. The famous saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not being told and retold for generations together without any benefit. Other parts of the plant like root, stem, leaf, twigs are also eaten as food over the ages.


Animals become the primary source directly or indirectly for the animal food. Meat or Mutton is a direct derivative of animal food that comes from the flesh of animals. Animal products also include milk that is safe for consumption from infants to old people. The various milk products like cheese, butter, ghee are the indirect derivatives of milk. Eggs and honey are other derivatives of animals. Marine animals are also consumed for their omega fats. Fish oil has lot of medicinal value that cannot be supplemented by any plant product or products. Some cultures and sects of people abstain meat or other animal food products for ethical, cultural, dietary, health, or ideological reasons. The primary production of food is through agriculture. The kind of food promotion in a food festival event brings self-reliance, awareness to organic methods of living and diverse diet exposure. The stimulation of the taste buds and sense of sweet, sour, salt, bitter or hot is kindled greatly by this kind of events. Food Festival is a fantastic way to experience the various cuisines in a day. In glory of the food that we cannot live without, Goode, Curtis and Theophano quoted that, food "is the last aspect of an ethnic culture to be lost". The rhetorical function of food is to represent and mark the culture of a region. Any good or unpleasant event in a family is marked by a gathering and food will be the primary point of discussion that will be addressed. Many cultures have Casperon Technologies different ways of cooking and food preparation depending on the event for which the food is consumed. The specific set of traditions, be it cooking or serving, using various spices, condiments and flavours add uniqueness to the culture and is passed from generation to generation. Some culture is In an age where herbal and animal supplements are creating a market for food supplements for consumption, events like food festival is a welcome event to not only gauge the benefits of the food but also try the food in another format which would not have otherwise been known as well. It brings distinct unity and awareness of the varied food products consumed by inhabitants belonging to various regions and the Goto Zoplay benefits can be reaped by a community.


Food festival is organized as a cultural event and is one of the means to unite people, community from various regions to celebrate and show their gratitude to nature, people for giving a good produce and an excellent harvest. It not only stimulates our palatial senses but also helps network the bio diversity and come together as a community for a good cause. Presentation of the food is also significant because as aesthetically garnished food not only appeals the eyes but also stimulate to try the food. Texture of the food also adds to the taste and food festival is the choicest way to experiment, indulge and enhance these kinds of taste and presentation. This event shall not only promote for the palatability, texture and flavour of the food but also exposure to preservation and cooking techniques, tools and methodologies, nutritional and religious considerations etc. It does also promote culinary art which is slowly losing its importance in the modern era.